What is The Philosophy of Hospice Care?

By: Franklin Rainear Jr.
Thursday, June 21, 2018

Hospices offer essential care during end of life, helping patients on their final journey so they don’t experience too much discomfort. This essential care can reduce a patient’s stress, help them accept death and experience peace, and also help families deal with the situation with dignity. At Franklin H. Rainear Jr. Affordable Funeral Service & Cremation, we recommend hospice care to all families because of the core philosophy of these establishments. Here’s what you need to know:

Focus On Minimizing Pain

Terminally ill patients experience a lot of pain and discomfort during their final days. This is no way to live, especially if you don’t have much time left. Hospices reduce pain through medication, messages, exercises, and other such proven methods. They make sure patients experience as little physical pain as possible.

Reducing Emotional and Mental Impact

Most people don’t realize terminally ill patients also experience five stages of grief. They go through denial, anger, helplessness, pain, and acceptance, which can take a significant toll on their mind and emotions. Hospice workers offer unconditional support during this emotional process. They make sure all terminally ill patients have someone to lean on while they struggle with the mental toll of approaching death. Hospice care providers will offer distraction, counseling, and even a friendly ear to help patients.

No Regrets

No one wants to spend their final days regretting or contemplating missed opportunities. Hospice care providers help patients tick off as many bucket list items as they can. This doesn’t just have to be traveling, reading a book, attending a concert, etc. It can also involve mending fences, healing relationships, or reconnecting with loved ones.

A hospice provides peace, comfort, and consistent care to ensure patients live their last few days in dignity. If you want some help and assistance for arranging funerals for yourself or your departed loved ones, don’t hesitate to get in touch with us at Franklin H. Rainear, Jr., Affordable Funeral Service & Cremation through our website or call (888) 213-4090.

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